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Air Compressor Rentals and Sales in Wisconsin

Rent or Buy Air Compressors for Construction Jobs or Personal Projects

Whether you’re putting up siding, constructing a deck, or building a new structure, a reliable air compressor to run your tools is essential. Power your tools with a rented or bought compressor from Lincoln Contractors Supply. The cost of renting is ideal for short term projects, low budgets, or tight deadlines. The cost of buying is ideal for repeated uses.

For in-state questions about air compressor rentals and sales, contact us at (800) 242-1255.

For out-of-state questions, call (800) 236-1327.


Gas and Electric Air Compressor Rentals and Sales throughout Wisconsin

Lincoln Contractors Supply rents both gas and electric air compressors at affordable rates. Our portable and towable air compressors make it convenient to move the equipment throughout the jobsite.

Sullair Towable Air Compressors for Rent by Week, Day or Hour

Rent Sullair diesel air compressors from 185–1600 CFM. High pressure, aftercooler, and filter options are also available.

  • 1300 CFM Diesel
  • 1600 CFM High-Pressure, After Cooler & Filter
  • 185 CFM Diesel
  • 260 CFM Diesel
  • 375 CFM Diesel
  • 375 CFM Extra High Pressure
  • 375 CFM High-Pressure, After Cooler & Filter
  • 425 CFM Diesel
  • 425 CFM High-Pressure, After Cooler & Filter
  • 750 CFM Diesel 
  • 825 CFM Diesel
  • 900 CFM Diesel
  • 900 CFM High-Pressure, After Cooler & Filter

Portable Rolair Air Compressors for Rent by Week, Day or Hour

  • 1.25–2.0 HP Electric, 4–8 CFM
  • 11 HP Gasoline, 18 CFM
  • 5.5–6.5 Gasoline, 11–13 CFM

Need us to deliver your rental air compressor to your Wisconsin jobsite? Just let us know.

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