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Earth Auger Rentals and Sales in Wisconsin

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Buy or rent an earth auger from Lincoln Contractors Supply online. When you need to dig a lot of holes at once, an earth auger is your best tool. An auger can also loosen soil to make digging easier with other tools. Don’t forget earth auger accessories like drill bits, adaptors, and conveyors.

Uses for Earth Augers on Construction Sites

Earth augers are most often used to dig holes at various widths. These holes can then be used for posts, fences, piping, or electrical cables. Digging all these holes with a shovel is tiring and takes a lot of time. An auger drill can quickly remove a lot of dirt in very little time. Even better, the new hole will have a uniform diameter.

For in-state questions about earth auger rentals and sales, contact us at (800) 242-1255.

For out-of-state questions, call (800) 236-1327.

Earth Auger Equipment and Accessories for Rent

Earth augers can be expensive if you only need to create a few holes. To save money, consider renting an earth auger and its accessories from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Rental periods can be adjusted to fit your workflow, so you have the equipment you want for as long as you need it.

  • 18" Extensions- Fits Any Size Bit
  • 8HP Gas, 1 Bits Included(42" Long)
  • Boring Attachment- Horizontal 3" Diameter, 5' Length
  • Little Beaver Auger Clip LB-9058
  • Little Beaver Auger 6’ x 42’ LB-6X42SSS
  • Little Beaver Auger 8’ x 42’ LB-8X42SSS
  • Little Beaver Auger 9’ x 42’ LB-9X42SSS
  • Little Beaver Auger 12’ x 42’ LB-12X42SSS
  • Quick Point 700 Auger QP-700
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