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Exhaust Purifier Rentals and Sales in Wisconsin

Air Scrubber Equipment for Construction Jobsites

Working indoors or in confined spaces requires an exhaust purifier when you’re working with gas-powered equipment. Exposure to exhaust from machinery can cause severe health problems. Even short term encounters with exhaust can cause headaches and breathing irritation. Lincoln Contractors Supply has exhaust purifiers to clean the air at your worksite.

HEPA filters are dry, meaning they clean the air without spraying scrubbing liquid. Air scrubbers can also remove fine particles which are hazardous to worker health. This includes dust, pollen, mold, and other airborne debris.

Construction Equipment Rental in Wisconsin

Professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike turn to Lincoln Contractors Supply for affordable construction equipment rental in Wisconsin. Whether you need air purifiers or welders, LCS has it for less than the hardware store. We strive to accommodate your project schedule. Rent construction equipment for a day, or for a month! We offer competitive prices at all nine of our Wisconsin locations.


For in-state questions about exhaust purifier rentals and sales, contact us at (800) 242-1255.

For out-of-state questions, call (800) 236-1327.

Exhaust Purifier and Air Scrubber Rentals

Our gas engine scrubbers are ideal for 13-65 horsepower tools. Even if you are renting, filter purchase is REQUIRED to avoid cross contamination from jobsite to jobsite. Flexible ducting is also available to go with the purifier.

  • HEPA R-Pro - 30,000CF @ 1 Air change/hour
  • HEPA Guardian - 84,000CF @ 1 Air change/hour


Rental equipment in Wisconsin from Lincoln Contractors Supply can be rented for hours, days or weeks. No matter the job, you’ll have the tools you need as long as you need them.

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Lincoln Contractors Supply proudly serves contractors and do-it-yourselfers across Wisconsin at ten different locations. Our staff is committed to offering exceptional customer service at competitive rates. Don't take our word for it, check out some of our reviews!

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