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Generator Rentals and Sales in Wisconsin

Get Extra Power with Portable Gas Generators

If you are working without access to electricity, a generator from Lincoln Contractors Supply will keep your worksite powered. Portable generators give you freedom to supply power wherever you need it. Watts range from 2500 to 9700. We also have tow-behind generators with more power. Be sure to purchase some extension cords to maximize the use of your generator.

Emergency Power Generators

During a power outage, a generator can be the difference between business as usual and days without work. Our portable generators can supply just enough energy for you to keep operations running until power is restored.

For in-state questions about generator rentals and sales, contact us at (800) 242-1255.

For out-of-state questions, call (800) 236-1327.

Rent a Portable Gas or Diesel Generator in Wisconsin

Generator rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply can last for hours, days, or weeks. Our experts will help you find the right generator for the equipment you have.

  • 2500 watt - gasoline
  • 3800 watt - gasoline
  • 5600 watt - gasoline
  • 6600 watt - gasoline
  • 9700 watt - gasoline
  • 15 KW 24 HR diesel fuel tank cap
  • Voltec Turtle Boxes w/50' Cord

Need your rented generator delivered? Just let us know and we will get the generator to your jobsite.

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