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Pump Rental and Sales in Wisconsin

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Industrial Pump Rental & Sale in Wisconsin

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Automatic Priming High Volume Pumps

The greatest heroes don’t wear capes – they arrive on the scene with their bright orange automatic-priming high volume pumps. Ready for action, our rental pumps provide real solutions when you need professional dewatering & draining services completed on your project. These diesel powered machines are capable of extracting up to 16, 500 gallons per minute, providing you with the strength and capacity you need to take on the most challenging dewatering assignments you’ve been given. Manufactured by Godwin, our automatic priming models are recognized as the products of a reliable brand – making them a great option whenever you’re the manager of a dewatering project and trying to impress your employer. LCS has all your Wisconsin rental equipment needs covered. Our diesel engine pump solutions are supported by a number of efficiency boosting features:  

Automatic Priming High Volume Pump Features

Automatic Priming: Up to 28 Feet
Drive: Diesel or Electric
Gallons per Minute: 250 to 16,500
Pumps: 3'' to 18''
Mount: Skid & Trailer
Solids Handling: Up to 5''
Other: Dry running, available in silenced enclosures

Self Priming Pump Rental WI

Check Out Our Self Priming Pumps for Rent

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Electric Submersible Pumps

Centrifugal electric submersible pumps (ESP) are essential for water extraction and removal when you’re managing heavy crude, abrasive, and other application needs specific to your project. If you take time to drill into the ground, you need pump solutions guaranteed to make the work worth it. Our ESP products arrive ready for use and can be applied in a number of harsh environments. They’re clean and quiet, meaning you can complete your commercial project near urban and environmental regions without polluting the areas with excessive noise. For rent, these products are one of the best solutions for companies wanting to get big projects done without disrupting nearby communities. Have questions regarding the different rate and casing sizes? Contact Lincoln Contractors Supply today for more information!

Electric Submersible Pump Features

Pump Size: 3/4'' to 20''
HP: 1/2 to 335
Gallons per Minute: Up to 12,000
Options: Dewatering, trash, sludge & slurry pumps available
Versions: High volume & high head

Electric Submersible Pump Rentals

Electric Submersible Pump Rentals

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Automatic Priming High Head/Jet Pumps

When you’re dealing with water removal and other types of liquids, you need a reliable electric or diesel automatic priming high head / jet pump to take on the job. Built to last through years of use, our pump solutions are the best on the market. Whether you’re taking on an enormous do-it-yourself project, you’re supplying water to a specific location, or you’re extracting water from below the surface of the Earth, the Godwin HL150M pumps are waiting to be delivered for your various applications. Lincoln Contractors Supply is proud to carry these Xylem, Inc. manufactured products because of the reputation they carry around the world. Their ability to handle up to 5,300 GPM makes it easy for you to gauge whether or not they’re your perfect water removal machine for your project! These highly respected pump solutions boast a number of features!

Automatic Priming High Head/Jet Pump Features

Drive: Electric or diesel
Gallons per Minute: 250 to 5,300
Pumps: 3'' to 12''
Discharge Head: Up to 600 feet at 260 PSI
Automatic Priming: Up to 28 feet
Mount: Skid & trailer
Other: Dry running, available in silenced enclosures

High Head Self Priming Pump Rentals

Self-Priming High Head Rental Pumps

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Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

Successful oil production relies on hydraulic submersible pumps like the Godwin Power Pack and Heidra series. Far more efficient than jet pumps, these pumping solutions work quickly to push liquids and other fluids to the surface. Their reliability is unmatched in the market and can only be obtained when you order the ready for use products we have for rent at Lincoln contractors Supply. These bright orange rental pumps are hard to lose and to return after a project is done. You may not get to see the GHPU30 Power Pack or Heidra 150MR, 80, and 100NC until your next water removal assignment, but when the task arrives, you’ll know who to contact. Lincoln Contractors Supply carries these Godwin pumping solutions because of their dependability and impressive features:

Hydraulic Submersible Pump Features

Drive: Diesel
Gallons per Minute: Up to 6,000
Options: Trash, sludge or slurry
Versions: High volume & high head
Other: Dry running

Hydraulic Submersible Pump Rental Wisconsin

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps for Rent

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Trash & Diaphragm Pumps

When taking on important environmental cleanup projects, trash and diaphragm pumps are essential for removing unwanted debris and toxic substances like sludge. The importance of their role can’t be downplayed. Companies and project managers around the country rely on Wacker Neuson dewatering pumps because they always deliver on their promises. Whether you’re removing twigs and branches from a well or you’re extracting mud and weeds from a pond, you know exactly who to turn to for dewatering solutions! Lincoln Contractors Supply holds our selection to high expectations. We only stock products we think are worth their price. Have any questions regarding these Wacker Neuson products? Call us today to place your order or to request more information!

Trash & Diaphragm Pump Features

Gallons per Minute: 170 to 680
Pumps: 2'' to 43''
Engine: Wacker & Honda
Solids Handling: Up to 2''
Other: Easy access / maintenance pump cover

Trash Pumps for Rent Wisconsin

Trash & Diaphragm Pumps for Rent

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Pump Pipes, Hoses & Accessories for Rent

Comparing prices of our rental pump accessories to others on the market, it doesn’t take long for customers to choose Lincoln Contractors Supply. As the best source of dewatering pump rentals in the nation, LCS is dedicated to the continued building of our expansive accessories selection for your convenience. From hoses and rafts to fittings and pipes, you have everything you need to extract water and debris! Although Flygt and Kanaflex pump accessories are for rent, there are a number of other brand name products available as well. It’s easy to browse our site for the specific items you’re seeking. Need more information regarding our rental pump accessories and other pump solutions? Give us a call today and we’ll answer any questions you have regarding our selection.

Pipes, Hoses and Pump Accessories We Offer for Rent

8'' Road Crossing Ramps

12'' Road Crossing Ramps

Hazardous Material Containment Mats

Auto Controllers

Phone Dialers

Section Rafts for Pump Intake

Pump Accessories for Rent WI

All Pump Accessories for Rent

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