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Contractors Equipment For Sale or Rent in Fox Cities Region

Located just off the 15 about a mile and a half from Interstate 41, Lincoln Contractors Supply has all the quality tools and construction equipment you need to get the job done. If you’re bidding on or working a job in the Fox Cities area, check with us for quality new, used and rental equipment for everything from construction to demolition work. With Lincoln Contractors Supply, you can count on the top brands, the best prices, and exceptional service.

Construction Equipment Store in Appleton

Appleton Construction EquipmentLincoln Contractors Supply in Appleton, Wisconsin offers equipment rentals, equipment sales (new and used) and equipment repairs.

Lincoln Contractors Supply is a trustworthy and convenient source for construction equipment in the Appleton area. Whether you’re an electrician, handyman, surveyor, iron worker, or a general contractor, the products you want are waiting for you at LCS. Our experienced sales team will make sure your supplies are ready when you need them, and the best solution for your project and budget. From helping you find the right drill bit or diamond blade, to choosing a reliable fall protection brand or cost-effective heater, we’re ready to give advice or track down the tools and equipment required on the job.

Our reputation is built on a large inventory of quality products and unmatched service. Our used and rental equipment is repaired and serviced in-house, ensuring efficient and unwavering performance. If you have questions or simply want to introduce yourself to your local construction equipment provider, stop into our store today!

Construction Equipment Rental in AppletonConstruction equipment rental in Appleton

Don’t waste money on special equipment you need for one job a year. LCS offers construction equipment rental in Appleton and Outagamie County, allowing you to take on more projects without the upfront costs of purchasing expensive equipment.

By partnering with FABICK RENTS we’re able to provide a wide range of construction rental equipment. Whether you pick up your rental equipment or have it delivered, each piece is checked, fueled and ready to go when you need it. Renting gives you more flexibility, rent equipment by the day, week or month for bigger projects.

Why Choose Lincoln Contractors Supply?

Construction Equipment Repair AppletonLincoln Contractors Supply repairs construction equipment in Appleton

When your livelihood depends on having the right tools and equipment for the job, who do you turn to? For thousands of contractors throughout Wisconsin, the choice is clear: Lincoln Contractors Supply. Since 1956, we’ve been the go-to source for high-quality construction equipment. New, used and rental equipment—we have it all. Our Appleton location serves contractors from:

  • Winnebago
  • Waupaca
  • Neenah
  • Two Rivers

In order to offer contractors the best equipment possible, Lincoln Contractors Supply has partnered with some of the top brands in the industry, including CAT, Toro and Wacker Neuson. Whether you’re shopping in-store at our Appleton location or shopping online, you can count on great prices on the tools, machinery and supplies you need.

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Need Tools For A Job? Lincoln Contractors Supply To The Rescue

Need a dozen shovels and a wheelbarrow for a weekend landscaping job? How about a Hydrostatic Vibra-Roller for a big paving project? Whatever the job calls for, Lincoln Contractors Supply has what you need. Although we’re known mostly for concrete and asphalt finishing equipment, our inventory covers a wide range of industries. Repair services from our experts keep the equipment we sell in working order.

Need a little help figuring out what equipment you’ll need for a job? You can count on our knowledgeable staff for expert advice. There’s even an app that puts regular customers directly in touch with their sales rep. In-store or online, Lincoln Contractors Supply is all about making the job go a little smoother.

The Best Equipment Brands for Quality Work Results

We all know you can’t do good work with substandard tools and equipment. This is precisely why Lincoln Contractors Supply has partnered with some of the top manufacturers in the industry, including:

Whatever you need for a job in the Fox Valley area, get in touch with our Appleton store. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll do what we can to get it for you. Stop by in person or shop our inventory online to compare prices and place an order.

Used Contractors Equipment For Outagamie County Contractors

Not thrilled about taking an instant 35% depreciation hit on equipment you buy new?  Consider buying used from Lincoln Contractors Supply. We have all kinds of used equipment—from heaters and fans to pressure washers and welders, even heavy equipment for construction—all fully serviced and ready to serve you well for years to come. Check our inventory online, then stop by or contact us at 920-757-1901 for details.

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Special Deals On Contractors Equipment in Appleton

Lincoln Contractors Supply regularly offers special online and in-store deals on new and used equipment. These are all high-quality tools and machinery from top brands—like Husqvarna, Dewalt, Makita and more. These deals tend to get snatched up quickly, so if you see something you’re interested in you’ll have to act fast.

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Construction Equipment Rental Appleton

Appleton Contractor Equipment Rental Rent construction equipment in Appleton from Lincoln Contractors Supply.

Don’t let a lack of tools or specialized equipment stop you from bidding on a job. Our Appleton location has a great selection of rental equipment for a wide range of applications. Through our partnership with FABICK RENTS, we’re able to offer equipment and supplies for landscaping, masonry work, construction, remediation and hundreds more jobs.

Rent by the day, the week, or in 4-week blocks. Working a job away from home? Rented equipment can be picked up and dropped off so you can save time and distance. Feel free to bid on jobs anywhere in the Fox Cities area without worrying about transportation. For pickup and delivery options, give us a call at 920-757-1901. Tight budget? No pressing need for a piece of equipment beyond the job at hand? Consider a rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply. By partnering with FABICK RENTS, we’re able to offer a wide range of equipment for construction, remediation, masonry and hundreds of other jobs. All our rental equipment is checked over, fueled up and ready to go. No nasty surprises.

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Appleton Air Compressor Rental

You need a reliable air compressor to power your tools properly, whether you rent one for short term and low budget projects, or buy one for repeated uses, Lincoln Contractors Supply offers air compressor rentals at affordable rates for you.

We offer both gas and electric air compressors which are portable and convenient to move between large jobs, so we have the air compressor you need to complete your next project.

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Appleton Air Compressor Rental

Appleton Air Conditioner Rentals

Make those unbearably hot summer days just a little more bearable with air conditioner rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply. We have air conditioners available for rent or purchase for your job needs.

The units Lincoln Contractors Supply offers are portable and convenient to move, and powerful enough to maintain cool air in your job site. Certain air conditioners are made specifically to supply construction equipment with cool air.

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Appleton Jobsite Air Conditioner Rental

Appleton Sand Blasting Equipment Rentals

Whether you need a surface cleaned or material reshaped, Lincoln Contractors Supply has the right sand blasting equipment rentals to get your job done. We offer for rent or purchase, 100-16,000lbs blasters for every level of use, with electric or pneumatic deadman switches for safety.

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Appleton Sandblaster Rental

Appleton Cable Puller Rentals

Get your job done as efficiently as possible with the wide variety of cable puller rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply. We offer heavy-duty and over-the-shoulder-cable pullers with pulling capabilities ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 lbs—our cable pullers can handle just about any job, with the ease of an electric pulling system. Check out our list of available equipment for your next job.

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Appleton Cable Puller Rental

Appleton Compaction Equipment Rentals

Compaction equipment rental is ideal for fast deadline jobs like landscaping, laying a road, parking lot, or even foundation. Lincoln Contractors Supply offers compaction equipment such as vibro plate compactor, tamping rammer compactors, and trench or ride on rollers for rent or purchase at competitive, affordable rates.

Compactors are available at a variety of sizes to fit your project needs through LCS.

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Appleton Compaction Equipment Rental

Appleton Concrete Tool Rentals

Whether your job needs a one-time concrete tool rental or a long-term purchase, Lincoln Contractors Supply offers an extensive collection of reliable concrete tools to get your job done right. Products available for rent and purchase: concrete saw, power screeds, concrete vibrators, concrete saw blades, and large selection of smaller concrete hand tools.

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Appleton Concrete Tool Rental

Appleton Concrete Saw Rentals

Concrete saw rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply are perfect for one-time concrete removal. Whether you’re doing road work or old patio removal, our saws are a great way to save time and money. We have a wide variety of concrete saws and diamond concrete blades ready for rent.

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Appleton Concrete Saw Rental

Appleton Conveyor Rentals

Forget about hauling equipment up a job site or having to worry about extensive after work cleanups with the belt conveyors offered for rent or purchase at Lincoln Contractors Supply. We help make your jobs easier by supplying you with the tools to get tasks done quicker. Rent conveyors for hours, days, or weeks at a time through affordable rates at LCS.

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Appleton Conveyor Rental

Appleton Earth Auger Rentals

An earth auger rental can make any contracting projects easier by loosening soil and digging many holes at once for fences, pipes, or electrical cables. Combine that with other convenient accessories offered through Lincoln Contractor Supply, and your next project is guaranteed to run smoother.

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Appleton Earth Auger Rental

Appleton Exhaust Purifier Rentals

Exhaust exposure is not just a comfort concern: it’s a health concern. Lincoln Contractors Supply offers purifiers to clean the air on your job site of any exhaust, pollen, mold, and other airborne debris that can be harmful to you or your workers. Visit LCS in Appleton or shop online for affordable exhaust purifier rental.

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Appleton Exhaust Purifier Rental

Appleton Fan Rentals

Fan rental can function both as accelerant in the drying process of paints and concrete, and also as an affordable means to keep your work area cool. Fans offered through Lincoln Contractors Supply are available for rent or purchase, as well as related air cleaning or purifying products.

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Appleton Blower Fan Rental

Appleton Surface Preparation Equipment Rentals

To restore or remove your floor, check out the floor scraper and scabbler rentals offered at Lincoln Contractors Supply. This equipment can be used on surfaces like carpet and wood, and is powerful enough to remove concrete layers.

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Appleton Floor Scraper Rental

Appleton Generator Rentals

Don’t let your next worksite go without access to electricity. Generator rental offered through Lincoln Contractors Supply act as the backup to an outage or as the main electrical access point on your next job site. Watts range from 2500 to 9700, with extension cords offered at affordable prices.

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Appleton Generator Rental

Appleton Jackhammer Rentals

Jackhammers are incredibly popular tools on jobsites for their multipurpose functions and convenient size. Lincoln Contractors Supply offers hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic jackhammer rentals to fit your next project needs, just ask one of our professionals if you have any questions deciding.

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Appleton Jackhammer Rental

Appleton Landscaping Equipment Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply is ready to stock your next job or project with the landscaping equipment rental you need to get it done right. We offer everything from shovels to hole diggers, and anything in between.

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Appleton Landscaping Equipment Rental

Appleton Laser Guided Screed Rentals

Our equipment will get that perfect level finish you need to get the job done right. The laser guided screed rentals we offer is unmatched in performance capabilities; and Lincoln Contractors Supply offers affordable rates for rent or purchase.

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Appleton Laser Screed Rental

Appleton Laser Level Rentals

The user-friendly laser level & transit rentals through Lincoln Contractors Supply offers accurate results for the DIY or professional contractor’s project needs. LCS offers grade pole and tripod rentals at affordable rates if you have already purchased a laser or transit level. Check out our selections to see what best fits your needs.

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Appleton Laser Level Rental

Appleton Light Tower Rentals

Light tower rentals help you get the most out of your workday by functioning at high power during evening hours. Lincoln Contractors Supply offers portable lighting equipment for those smaller jobs and large light stands for your next outdoor project.

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Appleton Light Tower Rental

Appleton Mini Loader Rentals

Mini-loader rentals offer an opportunity for contractors to move equipment with ease on tight-one-space projects. Lincoln Contractor Supply offers you mini-loaders and a large selection of accessories that go with them to make your next project easier.

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Appleton Mini Loader Rental

Appleton Concrete Mixer Rentals

Buying a concrete mixer is expensive and time consuming. A concrete mixer rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply is more economical for contractors doing one-time jobs or do-it-yourselfers working around the home. We make sure you always have the correct equipment and tools to get the job done.

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Appleton Concrete Mixer Rental

Appleton Nailer & Stapler Rentals

When you only need that stapler or nailer for roofing, cabinet installation, or house improvements, the nailer & stapler rentals at Lincoln Contractors Supply can help you get it done. We also offer stapler and nailers for purchase if you have any long-term projects in mind, or want to always have one convenient.

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Appleton Nail Gun Rental

Appleton Pneumatic Tool Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply lets you rent what you want for what you need. You can rent Air Tools & Accessories by the week, day, hour, or however long your job demands: we’re are here to make your job easier.

Our equipment is kept in great condition for optimal use, so whether you want to rent or buy, you’re guaranteed a reliable product from Lincoln Contractors Supply.

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Appleton Pneumatic Tool Rental

Appleton Portable Heater Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply has the right portable heater rental to fuel your next project. We offer six types of heaters, with even more reliable sub-selections to best match your job site needs.

Contact us for more information and great deals on:

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Appleton Portable Heater Rental

Appleton Post & Stake Driver Rentals

Post driver rentals can save you time and energy on your next project, Lincoln Contractors Supply can help you get one for less. We offer equipment in different models with varying capabilities so you can complete any project with success.

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Appleton Post Hole Digger Rental

Appleton Powder Actuated Tool Rentals

A powder actuated tool rental will help complete those projects where a common nailer or stapler just won’t work. Lincoln Contractor Supply offers a selection of tools for rent or purchase on your next project, as long as the user is licensed and trained according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) laws.

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Appleton Powder Actuated Tool Rental

Appleton Power Tool Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply offers a large selection of cordless and corded power tool rentals to suit the job you need to get done. Our rent and purchase prices are affordable for everything from small-scale jobs to large job sites.

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Appleton Power Tool Rental

Appleton Pressure Washer Rentals

Pressure washer rentals offer unbeatable washing capabilities for the everyday homeowner and the professional contractor. Lincoln Contractors Supply offers pressure washers at affordable prices for rent or purchase depending on your job needs.

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Appleton Pressure Washer Rental

Appleton Pump Rentals

Never worry about a prolonged flooded basement or site with a pump rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Our affordable pumps come at rent or purchase prices for any type of job or emergency solution, with the capability of extracting up to 16,500 gallons per minute to make your job efficient and painless.

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Appleton Pump Rental

Appleton Rebar Tool Rentals

Our rebar tool rentals are compact and lightweight, making them convenient for any job or project. Combine those with the durability and enough power to reinforce concrete, and these rebar tools are a sure way to complete any reinforcing projects you have.

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Appleton Rebar Tool Rental

Appleton Trailer Rentals

Make travel easier for your project with a reliable equipment trailer rental from Lincoln contractor Supply. Whether you are hauling a lot of tools, just one large piece, or just moving in general, the trailers offered through LCS will make the ride more efficient.

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Appleton Equipment Trailer Rental

Appleton Ride on Trencher Rentals

Ride-on trencher rental offer you the capabilities of completing deep-burying projects, such as gas line and water supply line work. Lincoln Contractors Supply equipment can support you in any type of trencher work you have.

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Appleton Ride On Trencher Rental
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