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Contractor's Equipment and Supplies for Purchase or Rent in the Madison Area

If the job takes you to Madison, Middleton, Sun Prairie, Fitchburg or other nearby cities, count on Lincoln Contractors Supply for the new, used or construction rental equipment you need. Whether you’ve got a small concrete patio installation in Monona or a major commercial construction project up in Waunakee, LCS has what you need to make it happen.

Construction Equipment for Madison Contractors & Do-It-Yourselfers

Construction Equipment in MadisonLincoln Contractors Supply in Madison, Wisconsin offers equipment rentals, equipment sales (new and used) and equipment repairs.

Lincoln Contractors Supply offers equipment rentals, equipment sales (new and used) and equipment repairs. Professional contractors and DIY weekend warriors alike come to our Madison, WI, location to view the latest equipment available for rent or sale. With an incredible inventory of tools, supplies, and equipment from top manufacturers, contractors in every field can find what they’re looking for in-store and online at LCS. We have products to keep your jobsite clean, safe, well lit, and temperature controlled.

Roofers in Sun Prairie rely on LCS for fall protection equipment and reliable hand tools. Masons in Middleton shop LCS for concrete mixers, saws, and trowels. Landscapers, carpenters, painters, plumbers, and contractors of all types in between have access to great products helping them get the job done on time and in budget.

Stop in or give us a call to speak with our industry professionals, who are happy to help you find exactly what you want. Projects big and small benefit from the right tools, and you’ll find them at LCS in Madison.

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Why Choose Lincoln Contractors Supply?

Construction Equipment Repair MadisonLincoln Contractors Supply repairs construction equipment, even big concrete tools like this, in Madison

If you’re looking to minimize the hassle of sourcing equipment, pay less for it, and get the backing of a world-class customer service team, you’ve just found three good reasons to choose Lincoln Contractors Supply in Madison.

Since 1956, we’ve focused on doing right by our customers. It starts with offering one of the most extensive inventories of new, used and rental equipment in Wisconsin. Not just for the concrete and construction industry, but for a wide range of applications. Over the years, we’ve expanded to ten locations throughout the state to better serve our customers.

Our Madison store conveniently serves the communities of:

  • Cottage Grove
  • Fitchburg
  • Five Points
  • McFarland
  • Middleton
  • Monona
  • Sun Prairie
  • Verona
  • Waunakee

We’ve also built great relationships with our suppliers and offer only quality products from trusted manufacturers like CAT, Kraft Tools and Makita.  And we back it all up with exceptional customer service—both in-store and online.

Used Equipment For Madison Contractors

Buying used is a good way to get a great deal on the equipment you need. The biggest bugaboo about any used equipment, of course, is whether it’ll break down the first time you use it. Rest assured, all used equipment sold by Lincoln Contractors Supply is fully inspected, serviced and ready to go…and go and go. Power tools, pressure washers, generators, welders, concrete compaction equipment—Lincoln Contractors Supply has it all. Check our Madison store for availability.

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Store Specials at the Madison Lincoln Contractors Supply Location

We regularly offer special deals on both new and used equipment, so it’s worth checking our website from time to time to see what’s on sale. From Sun Prairie to Verona and McFarland to Waunakee, we have the very best offers on the best brand name tools. Often, these deals go so fast we don’t even have time to update the listing on our site, so if you see something you’re interested in call us at 608-249-6476 to check on availability.

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The Tools & Equipment You Need—For Virtually Any Job

While Lincoln Contractors Supply is best known for concrete equipment, we also carry tools and machinery for landscaping, masonry, demolition, remediation and construction, as well as safety and fall protection equipment. Whatever you need, chances are we have it.

Whether it’s hand trowels for a concrete patio or a remote operated vibratory trench roller, Lincoln Contractors Supply has equipment for just about any job. Besides new and used equipment, we also offer rentals for short-term projects and low budget jobs of all types. We even have on-site repair services.

Top Quality Brands Available Through Lincoln Contractors Supply

Our goal is to bring contractors the highest quality equipment and supplies possible. To that end, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest and best names in the business:

Call our Madison store at 608-249-6476 to see if we have the brands you want in stock or shop online to compare prices on your favorite products today!

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Construction Equipment Rental Madison

Construction Equipment Rental MadisonRent construction equipment in Madison from Lincoln Contractors Supply.

Lincoln Contractors Supply has the right rental equipment for your job. Professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers in Madison turn to Lincoln Contractors Supply when they need to rent construction equipment. Looking for a jackhammer or a drill? Don't worry, we have it for less than the hardware store. Whether you need it for the day or for the month you can trust the experts at LCS. 

Shop Rental Equipment

When it comes to jobs where you just don’t have the budget to buy equipment, renting equipment is the only way to go. Don’t let a lack of equipment keep you from bidding on a project. Through our partnership with FABICK RENTS, Lincoln Contractors Supply offers rental equipment for construction, demolition, landscaping, and hundreds of other jobs. Rentals are available by the day, week or month (4-week contract). Ask about your options for pickup and delivery.

Madison Air Compressor Rental

Lincoln Contractors Supply has portable, towable and stationary air compressors for rent at our Madison location. Madison contractors and do-it-yourselfers use air compressors for jobs big and small. Trust Lincoln Contractors Supply for air compressor rental whether you need to use a nail gun around the house or you need a compressed air supply for the entire jobsite.

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Madison Air Compressor Rental

Madison Air Conditioner Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply has air conditioner rentals that can keep things cool under many different circumstances. From cooling break areas or trailers to helping cool air before being used by construction equipment.

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Madison Jobsite Air Conditioner Rental

Madison Sand Blasting Equipment Rentals

Get the job done faster with sand blasting equipment rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Whether you need gentle blasting to clean a surface or a powerful machine to reshape your material, we offer 100–16,000 lb blasters for every level of use, with electric or pneumatic deadman switches for safety.

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Madison Sandblaster Rental

Madison Cable Puller Rentals

Save yourself the trouble of having to manually pull wire at your job site. Cable puller rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply will let you get the job done faster and cheaper. Whether you have a short run of cable to install or long, multiple-cable installations, we have the equipment you need—all in jobsite-ready condition with properly calibrated dynamometers.

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Madison Cable Puller Rental

Madison Compaction Equipment Rentals

Compaction equipment rentals are ideal for tight budgets or when time is of the essence. Lincoln Contractors Supply has the perfect tool for the job, ready to go when you are. Rent tamping rammer compactors with 2,695–3,375 ft. lb/blow output for compacting cohesive soil, or see our walk-behind and ride-on roller compactors for compacting concrete, asphalt, and other materials for road construction and foundations.

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Madison Compaction Equipment Rental

Madison Concrete Tool Rentals

No matter the job, if it involves concrete Lincoln Contractors Supply has the concrete tool rentals you need. From contractors to do-it-yourselfers, we have the right tool for your construction project, including mixers, grinders, stamps, polishers, pumps and vibrators.

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Madison Concrete Tool Rental

Madison Concrete Saw Rentals

Concrete saw rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply in Madison makes it easy to finish road work, tear up your old patio, or complete any other concrete work you might have. Our Madison location has a selection of concrete saws and diamond concrete blades available for rent.

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Madison Concrete Saw Rental

Madison Conveyor Rentals

Work smarter not harder with conveyor rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Conveyors speed up the removal of debris from construction sites and reduce the workload during cleanup. They can also ease the transportation of materials between levels at your jobsite. Forget hauling heavy tools up a ladder when you have a conveyor.

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Madison Conveyor Rental

Madison Earth Auger Rentals

Precise, consistent, and cheap, earth auger rentals and earth auger accessories from Lincoln Contractors Supply. The holes can be used for posts, fences, piping, or electrical cables. An augur drill can quickly remove a lot of dirt in a very little time, and each hole will be uniform in diameter saving you time and energy.

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Madison Earth Auger Rental

Madison Exhaust Purifier Rentals

Stay safe with exhaust purifier rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Fuel-powered equipment releases fumes from which can cause severe health problems for you and your workers. An exhaust purifier will help create a safe environment for everyone allowing you to work safer and longer.

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Madison Exhaust Purifier Rental

Madison Blower Fan Rentals

The humble fan plays an important role on any work site. Blower fan rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply keep your workers cool, safe, and can even speed up the drying process of materials. Centrifugal fans and blowers will move air and other gases where you need it.

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Madison Blower Fan Rental

Madison Surface Preparation Equipment Rentals

Removing old flooring material whether it’s concrete, or linoleum, can be a tedious and strenuous task. Lincoln Contractors Supply has the surface preparation equipment rentals you need to get the job done, floor scrapers for lighter materials and scabblers for concrete removal.

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Madison Floor Scraper Rental

Madison Generator Rentals

Whether power isn’t available yet at your work site, or there simply isn’t power where you need it, generator rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply allow you use to work where you need to without being bound to your worksites power constrictions. Watts range from 2500 to 9700. We also have tow-behind generators with more power. Be sure to purchase some extension cords to maximize the use of your generator.

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Madison Generator Rental

Madison Jackhammer Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply has Wisconsin’s best price for jackhammer rentals. Nearly any job site could use the help a jackhammer brings. The chisel can be used to break apart hard substances like concrete or rocks. The main types of jackhammer are hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic. Which is best for you will depend on the work. Our professional contractors will help you select the right jackhammer and additional equipment.

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Madison Jackhammer Rental

Madison Landscaping Equipment Rentals

No matter what your work requires we have the landscaping equipment rentals you need to get it done. From post hole diggers and walk behind blowers, to the humble shovel Lincoln Contractors Supply has the right tool for the job.

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Madison Landscaping Equipment Rental

Madison Laser Guided Screed Rentals

Whether the contract requires a perfectly level finish or you are just looking to save time with a larger project, laser guided screed rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply will get the job done right the first time. Precision and speed is unmatched, get perfectly level concrete without any of the extra labor.

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Madison Laser Screed Rental

Madison Laser Level Rentals

Laser levels and transits are designed with functionality and ease of use in mind. Laser level rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are more flexible than traditional spirit levels which are limited by their size. Laser or level rentals include a grade pole and tripod. A grade pole and tripod can be rented separately if you already have a laser or transit level.

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Madison Laser Level Rental

Madison Light Tower Rentals

Bring light to your work site with light tower rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply. A well-lit construction site reduces accidents and mistakes. With long nights in the winter, Wisconsin contractors have a lot to gain from portable light equipment rentals.

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Madison Light Tower Rental

Madison Mini Loader Rentals

In confined spaces, conveyor belts and regular sized loaders can’t do their jobs. Mini loader rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are incredibly flexible tools that can do more than just load contents. Add the appropriate attachment to your order and you can the power of a specialized machine without the hassle or cost of operating one.

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Madison Mini Loader Rental

Madison Concrete Mixer Rentals

Concrete mixer rental is a more economical option than buying one outright. Save money on jobs by renting one of our well-maintained mixers and having access to multiple mixers ensures that you always have the right equipment for the job. Renting from Lincoln Contractors is the best option for contractors or home DIYers working on a tight budget and a deadline.

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Madison Concrete Mixer Rental

Madison Nailer & Stapler Rentals

Perfect for homeowners and DIYers working on one-time projects, nailer and stapler rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are a perfect way to get professional power at a fraction of the cost. From roofing and window installation to kitchen cabinets and decorative molding, Lincoln Contractor Supply has you covered.

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Madison Nail Gun Rental

Madison Pneumatic Tool Rentals

If it’s designed to connect to an air compressor, we have the tool or part for rent. Pneumatic tool rentals are a great way to try out pricier equipment without the risk of buyers’ remorse. From accessories to tools Lincoln Contractor Supply is your one shop stop for pneumatic tools and pneumatic tool accessories.

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Madison Pneumatic Tool Rental

Madison Portable Heater Rentals

With 6 different types of heaters to choose from Lincoln Contractor Supply has the right portable heater rentals for any work. Although these models are usually installed outside a site under construction, they can also be installed inside a building since they don’t emit carbon dioxide. Before you set up any of these products inside your building, always check with the safety regulations at your local work site.

Visit our Madison location for great deals on:

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Madison Portable Heater Rental

Madison Post & Stake Driver Rentals

Creating a fence is a lot of hard work, let alone digging the holes for one. Save time and energy with post and stake rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Post drivers make installing any fence fast and easy. Available in different models to tackle any job, big or small. You’ll have your fence done in no time.

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Madison Post Hole Digger Rental

Madison Powder Actuated Tool Rentals

When traditional nailer or stapler tools don’t cut it a powder actuated tool will help you fasten tougher materials together without the need of welding. Lincoln Contractors Supply carries the best powder actuated tool rentals anywhere in Wisconsin. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) prohibits the use of actuated tools unless the user is trained and licensed.

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Madison Powder Actuated Tool Rental

Madison Power Tool Rentals

Sometimes you just don’t need to own the tool you are going to use once or twice on a particular project. Lincoln Contractors Supply has power tool rentals that allow you to complete your project on time and under budget. Stocking corded and cordless power tools as well as extension cords, we have what you need to get your work done.

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Madison Power Tool Rental

Madison Pressure Washer Rentals

Save time and money with pressure washer rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to clean siding or a professional contractor who needs to clean and prepare a surface before you begin your work we have the pressure washer you need.

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Madison Pressure Washer Rental

Madison Pump Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply pump rentals provide real solutions when you need professional dewatering and draining services completed on your project. With over 5 different types of pumps and accessories, we have the combination of tools to make sure you can complete your task.

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Madison Pump Rental

Madison Rebar Tool Rentals

Rebar is an effective way to reinforce concrete and masonry structures, giving them both strength and durability. Our rebar tool rentals are durable, lightweight, and compact for ease of use and reliability. We also stock heavy batteries so you always have what you need.

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Madison Rebar Tool Rental

Madison Trailer Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply has trailer rentals perfect for you moving your equipment from A to B. Our single axle trailers are capable of 3,500 capacity, for when you either need to move all of your tools or transporting one large piece of equipment.

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Madison Equipment Trailer Rental

Madison Ride on Trencher Rentals

When a walk behind trencher doesn’t cut it a ride on trencher will easily get it done. Ride on trenchers are perfect for creating trenches for burying utilities like gas lines, electrical conduits and water supply lines. Lincoln Contractors Supply has ride on trencher rentals ready to go for your worksite today!

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Madison Ride On Trencher Rental
Order new or used equipment in Madison for your next contracting job. 
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