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Need Construction Equipment in Waukesha? Buy New & Used or Rent from LCS

Serving the Pewaukee, Sussex, Delafield, and Hartland areas with new, used, and rental construction equipment, Lincoln Contractors Supply has everything from concrete trowels to heavy-duty concrete compaction machinery. Our Waukesha location is conveniently located less than a mile from I-94.

Visit our Waukesha store if you work in the area and need quality equipment at great prices, or shop online from anywhere in the state.

Construction Equipment for Sale and Rent in Waukesha County

Construction Equipment WaukeshaLincoln Contractors Supply in Waukesha, Wisconsin offers equipment rentals, equipment sales (new and used) and equipment repairs.

Whether you’re renting or buying construction equipment in the Waukesha area, LCS is the only choice for the best equipment for the job without breaking the bank. With industry experienced professionals on staff, you’ll get the right answer to all of your questions; and easy, helpful service when you’re ready to make a purchase or rental reservation.

Our selection of tools, supplies, and machinery is impressive, with products from top manufacturers around the world. Whether a long-term job is coming up and you want to be prepared with the right supplies, or a vital piece of equipment breaks down in the middle of a project, the solution is a just a call away. Our Waukesha location makes us an easy one-stop-shop for contractors in Pewaukee, New Berlin, and Wales.

Need to keep your workers warm when on a winter job; we have portable heaters perfect for your budget. Has rain left your jobsite flooded but you can’t afford to push back your deadline; rent pumps from LCS. Simply want an honest opinion on a concrete hand tool; you’ve come to the right place. Call us for all of your construction equipment and supply needs.

Why Choose Lincoln Contractors Supply?

Construction Equipment Rental WaukeshaLincoln Contractors Supply rents construction equipment like this roller compactor in Waukesha

Since our founding in 1956, Lincoln Contractors Supply has been a family-run business. A large part of our growth over the years has been our commitment to building relationships—not just with suppliers, but with our customers. Our Waukesha store provides convenient shopping for:

  • Pewaukee
  • Delafield
  • Wales
  • Vernon
  • Elm Grove
  • New Berlin
  • Brookfield
  • Hartland

Although Lincoln Contractors Supply is known primarily as a trusted source for high-quality construction equipment from leading manufacturers like CAT, Wacker Neuson, and Makita, our inventory includes supplies and tools for a wide range of jobs. New, used, and rental equipment—we have it all.

Need Tools or Equipment? Sounds like a Job for Lincoln Contractors Supply

With tools and machinery for everything from landscaping to disaster remediation, sandblasting, surveying, and even iron working, LCS is a favorite among Wisconsin contractors. If you’re working a construction job, the gear and supplies you need can be found at LCS. Pumps, generators, masonry supplies, safety equipment—and that’s not even scratching the surface of available products.

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Top Quality Brands Available Through Lincoln Contractors Supply

Our goal is to bring contractors the highest quality equipment and supplies possible. To that end, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest and best names in the business:

Call our Waukesha store at 262-544-9747 to see if we have the brands you want in stock or shop online to compare prices on your favorite products today!

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Used Equipment You Can Trust in Hartland

Construction Equipment Repair WaukeshaLincoln Contractors Supply repairs construction equipment like this concrete tool in Waukesha

There are plenty of situations where buying used equipment is the best solution. If you’re going that route, stop at the Waukesha Lincoln Contractors Supply store first. We have a wide range of tools and equipment from some of the top manufacturers—all in great shape and at great prices. With a lot of the used equipment we sell, you’d be hard pressed to even know it’s used.

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Waukesha Specials on Contractors Equipment

Lincoln Contractors Supply offers regular specials on new and used equipment. Check back frequently to see new specials, and call us to reserve used equipment on sale.   

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Construction Equipment Rental Waukesha

Construction Equipment Rental Waukesha Rent construction equipment in Waukesha from Lincoln Contractors Supply.

Need to rent a jackhammer for a weekend backyard renovation? Come to Lincoln Contractors Supply in Waukesha. Need to rent a portable jobsite heater so your crew can work through the winter? Shop LCS online for great deals! Lincoln Contractors Supply has a massive selection of landscaping, demolition and other construction equipment available for rent or even purchase.

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Every piece of rental equipment from Lincoln Contractors Supply is thoroughly checked over, repaired (if necessary), refueled, and ready to go. You’ll never get to a jobsite to find the equipment you rented is out of gas or malfunctioning in any way. Lincoln Contractors Supply has partnered with FABICK RENTS so our customers have access to the best rental equipment for construction, concrete and masonry work, landscaping, and hundreds of other jobs. Our rental rates are based on daily, weekly or 4-week contracts. Call us at 262-544-9747 to check availability and reserve equipment.

Waukesha Air Compressor Rental

Whether you need a portable, towable or stationary air compressor to finish your job, Lincoln Contractors Supply has you covered. Air compressor rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are perfect for contractors or do-it-yourselfers who need a compressor for a one time job.

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Waukesha Air Compressor Rental

Waukesha Air Conditioner Rentals

In the humid Wisconsin summers it’s important to keep your workers cool. For break areas, trailers and job sites air conditioner rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply will make sure you’re comfortable.

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Waukesha Jobsite Air Conditioner Rental

Waukesha Sand Blasting Equipment Rentals

Sandblasting equipment rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are a great way to get the job done faster. Don’t buy expensive equipment that you’ll only use once. For gentle surface preparation or powerful material reshaping, we offer 100 to 10,000lb blasters for every level of use. Our sand blasters include electric and pneumatic deadman switches for safety.

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Waukesha Sandblaster Rental

Waukesha Cable Puller Rentals

Manually pulling wire is a pain in the back, literally. With cable puller rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply you won’t have to struggle any longer to install short runs of cable or long, multiple-cable installations. We have all of the equipment you need when you need it.

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Waukesha Cable Puller Rental

Waukesha Compaction Equipment Rentals

Compaction equipment rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are great for contractors on tight budgets and tighter schedules. Our equipment is jobsite-ready and inspected before we send it out the door with you. We have rent tamping rammer compactors with between 2,695 and 3,375 lb/blow output for compacting soil, as well as walk-behind and ride-on roller compactors for compacting concrete, asphalt and other road and foundation materials.

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Waukesha Compaction Equipment Rental

Waukesha Concrete Tool Rentals

Concrete tool rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are perfect for contractors with one-time needs or DIYers working on projects around the house. We have mixers, grinders, stamps, polishers, pumps and vibrators.

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Waukesha Concrete Tool Rental

Waukesha Concrete Saw Rentals

Concrete saw rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply are perfect for one-time concrete removal. Whether you’re doing road work or old patio removal, our saws are a great way to save time and money. We have a wide variety of concrete saws and diamond concrete blades ready for rent.

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Waukesha Concrete Saw Rental

Waukesha Conveyor Rentals

Save yourself the backache of carrying debris out of your jobsite by hand. A conveyor rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply will make the removal of debris easier and reduce the workload during cleanup. A conveyor can also make transportation of work materials easier between the levels of your jobsite.

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Waukesha Conveyor Rental

Waukesha Earth Auger Rentals

An earth auger rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply is a precise, consistent and cheap way to drill holes for posts, fences, piping, or electrical cables. Quickly remove lots of dirt and get the job done with less work.

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Waukesha Earth Auger Rental

Waukesha Exhaust Purifier Rentals

Fuel powered equipment releases fumes into the jobsite that can be hazardous to you and your workers. An exhaust purifier rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply will help you stay safe and work longer.

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Waukesha Exhaust Purifier Rental

Waukesha Blower Fan Rentals

Centrifugal blower fan rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are one of the best ways to move large volumes of air for ventilation, cooling and drying of materials. We have the equipment to get you the breeze you need on your jobsite.

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Waukesha Blower Fan Rental

Waukesha Surface Preparation Equipment Rentals

There is hardly a task more strenuous and tedious than removal of flooring material. Surface preparation equipment rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply will save your back, your time and your wallet. Don’t buy a surface prep tool that will only get a few hours of use. We have floor scrapers for light materials and scabblers for concrete removal.

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Waukesha Floor Scraper Rental

Waukesha Generator Rentals

There is rarely an outlet where you need one on the jobsite. Generator rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are a great way to get your power exactly where you need it. We carry generators with wattages ranging from 2500 to 9700. We also have tow-behind generators for even more power and extension cords to extend your power.

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Waukesha Generator Rental

Waukesha Jackhammer Rentals

When it comes to jackhammer rentals prices, Lincoln Contractors Supply can’t be beat. For concrete and rock removal we have hydraulic, electric and pneumatic jackhammers. Which one is best will depend on the job and we can help you decide which one will work best.

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Waukesha Jackhammer Rental

Waukesha Landscaping Equipment Rentals

Landscaping equipment rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply is the best way to get the equipment you need for one-time jobs and DIY projects around the house. We have everything from shovels to post hole diggers to walk-behind blowers.

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Waukesha Landscaping Equipment Rental

Waukesha Laser Guided Screed Rentals

Large concrete pouring jobs can be sped up dramatically by the use of a laser guided screed rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Our laser screeds will help you get a perfectly level pour without any extra labor.

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Waukesha Laser Screed Rental

Waukesha Laser Level Rentals

Laser levels and transits are better and more flexible than traditional spirit levels which are limited by their size. Laser level rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply include a grade pole and tripod. If you already have a laser or transit level, grade poles and tripods can be rented separately.

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Waukesha Laser Level Rental

Waukesha Light Tower Rentals

Nighttime can come on quickly during the long Wisconsin winters. A light tower rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply keeps the lights on into the night. An illuminated construction site is less prone to accidents and mistakes.

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Waukesha Light Tower Rental

Waukesha Mini Loader Rentals

A mini loader rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply is perfect for job sites that are too confined for conveyor belts or regular sized loaders. In addition, a mini loader with the appropriate attachment to your order can fill the role of a specialized machine without the hassle and cost of operating one.

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Waukesha Mini Loader Rental

Waukesha Concrete Mixer Rentals

Buying a concrete mixer is expensive and time consuming. A concrete mixer rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply is more economical for contractors doing one-time jobs or do-it-yourselfers working around the home. We make sure you always have the correct equipment and tools to get the job done.

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Waukesha Concrete Mixer Rental

Waukesha Nailer & Stapler Rentals

Professional power doesn’t have to come with a lofty price tag for contractors or do-it-yourselfers. Nailer and stapler rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are perfect for roofing, windows, kitchen cabinets or decorative molding. We’ve got you covered.

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Waukesha Nail Gun Rental

Waukesha Pneumatic Tool Rentals

If you need something that connects to an air compressor, Lincoln Contractors Supply has you covered. Our pneumatic tool rentals are a great way to get access to expensive tools without draining your bank account. From accessories to tools, we’re your one stop shop.

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Waukesha Pneumatic Tool Rental

Waukesha Portable Heater Rentals

When it comes to portable heater rentals, Lincoln Contractors Supply has 6 types of heaters to ensure we have the heater for any kind of jobsite. They can be install outdoors, as well as indoors for heaters that don’t emit carbon dioxide.

Contact us for more information and great deals on:

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Waukesha Portable Heater Rental

Waukesha Post & Stake Driver Rentals

Driving fenceposts is a painstaking project. With post and stake driver rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply we can help you finish the job without hassle. We have lots of equipment options to tackle any job large or small.

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Waukesha Post Hole Digger Rental

Waukesha Powder Actuated Tool Rentals

Powder actuated tool rental from Lincoln Contactors Supply is a great alternative to traditional nailers and staplers that don’t quite cut it for your job. Any OSHA trained and licensed individual can rent a powder actuated tool for their job.

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Waukesha Powder Actuated Tool Rental

Waukesha Power Tool Rentals

Sometimes you just don’t have the right tool and spending hundreds of dollars for something you’ll use once just doesn’t make sense. Power tool rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are a great way to get the tools you need without spending too much money. We have corded and cordless power tools as well as extension cords.

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Waukesha Power Tool Rental

Waukesha Pressure Washer Rentals

If you need a pressure washer for a project, but don’t want to spend money on something you’ll only use once, pressure washer rental from Lincoln Contractors Supply is an ideal solution. We have a range of pressure washers to clean and do surface prep for any project.

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Waukesha Pressure Washer Rental

Waukesha Pump Rentals

Lincoln Contractors Supply pump rentals are ideal solutions for projects that require dewatering and draining. With over 5 different types of pumps and accessories we have the combination of tools to get the job done.

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Waukesha Pump Rental

Waukesha Rebar Tool Rentals

Rebar is an incredibly tough and durable material. To work with it you’ll need the tools to match. Rebar tool rentals from Lincoln Contractors Supply are exactly what you need to bend, cut and shape rebar for concrete work and construction. We also carry heavy batteries to keep you working all day.

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Waukesha Rebar Tool Rental

Waukesha Trailer Rentals

Trailer rentals from Lincoln Contractors supply are perfect for moving your equipment across town. We have single axle trailers with 3,500lb capacity get you from A to B.

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Waukesha Equipment Trailer Rental

Waukesha Ride on Trencher Rentals

Walk behind trenchers work fine, but they don’t cut it for every project. For burying utilities like gas lines, electrical conduits and water supply lines, Lincoln Contractors supply has ride on trencher rentals ready to roll onto your jobsite today.

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Waukesha Ride On Trencher Rental
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