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Rent Construction Equipment in Wisconsin

Affordable Rental Rates & Nine Convenient Locations between Milwaukee & Green Bay

Rent Construction Equipment WisconsinLincoln Contractors Supply carries a large and well-maintained inventory of rental equipment including construction equipment from leading manufacturers and specialized industrial tools. Every LCS store offers full-service equipment rentals by the hour, day or week with in-shop repair technicians, convenient delivery options and expert service.

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Increase Profitability with Quality Equipment and Tool Rentals

Reliable equipment rentals from LCS help you say YES to more jobs and complete more projects, even with tight deadlines, small budgets or unexpected complications. You’ll benefit from using the latest models at a fraction of the cost of buying, without the hassle of storage and upkeep. Our skilled technicians thoroughly inspect and maintain all our rental equipment for your safety and convenience.

Shop rental equipment below or contact LCS for more options.

Construction Equipment Rental Guide

Power & HVAC Rental Equipment

Generators Portable/towable generators, gasoline or diesel fuel

Temporary Heating Make-up Air, indirect, infrared or open flame heaters, kerosene, propane or natural gas

Lighting Light tower or stand, 500-4000 watt

Air Conditioners Dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, Phoenix Guardian HEPA system

Fans Axial/centrifugal fans, barn fans, electric or gasoline engine

Exhaust Purifiers Gas engine scrubbers for 13-65 horsepower

Construction & Landscaping Equipment Rentals

Compaction Equipment Single direction or reversible vibro plates, rammers, walk-behind or ride-on rollers

Earth Augers 8 horsepower gas engine, bits, extensions and boring attachments

Ride-on Trenchers 6” x 4’, hydraulic control

Concrete Products Concrete and grout pumps, buckets, concrete chain saws & finishing machines, masonry and tile saws, stamps, slab drills, grinders and scarifiers, vacuums, vibrators, mortar and mixers, crack control, power buggies & screeds

Laser Guided Screed Standard or mini screed unit with float shoe, power rake with plow

Floor Scrapers & Scrabblers Hand-held or self-propelled scrabblers, chisel scalers, scrapers and strippers

Landscaping Equipment Gas-powered blowers, brush chippers, stump grinders

Laser Levels & Transits Electronic theodolites, builders levels, meridian levels, visible or invisible beam, pipe lasers, tripod, grade pole & extra laser detectors

Post/Stake Drivers Pneumatic or gas powered, attachment package

Industrial & Specialty Tool Rentals

Air Compressors Portable or towable gas and electric air compressors

Pressure Washers Gas powered, 2000, 3000, 4000 PSI

Blasting Equipment Shot, water, CO2, vacuum & pneumatic blasters with deadman switches, air pumps, water separators, air supplied hoods

Pump Products Automatic priming, centrifugal, electric or hydraulic submersible, trash & diaphragm, pipes, hoses & accessories

Welders Portable or towable gas powered, towable diesel powered, extra cable sets

Air Tools & Accessories Paving breakers, rock drills, chipping hammers, clay diggers and post drivers and accessories including surge tanks, water separators, needle scalers, aftercooler, air receiver manifold & air hoses

Nailers & Staplers Positive placement, tongue & groove, hammer strike and roofing coil nailers

Rebar Tools Bender/cutters and rebar tiers

Mobile Hammer 1300-pound ride-on model

Powder Actuated Tools Single-shot (.22 caliber) or auto strip 10-shot PATs and fasteners

Power Tools Drills, demolition hammers, sanders, saws and accessories including diamond core bits, spray tanks, vacuums & extension cords

Miscellaneous Tools Metal detectors, drywall lifts, hand torches and electric conduit benders

Moving & Lifting Equipment Rentals

Equipment Trailers Single axel trailers haul up to 3500 pounds

Mini-loaders & Attachments Gasoline or diesel fuel with track drive, attachments include auger, pallet fork, snow bucket, soil cultivator, stump grinder, tiller, trencher & vibratory plow

Conveyors Electric and gas-powered with hoppers and side rails in a range of sizes

Cable Pullers Over the shoulder wire pullers, cable pulling winches, jack stands & arbors

Save Time and Money Renting Construction Equipment & Power Tools

Rent before you buy for risk-free equipment purchases, or get your hands on the tool you need to complete your home improvement project without filling up your garage. LCS equipment rental benefits professional contractors and construction enthusiasts with:

Equipment where and when you need it. With nine Wisconsin locations and flexible pickup or delivery options, you can get the tools you need to complete planned work or deal with an emergency. LCS offers competitive hourly, daily and weekly rental rates, and we’ll even load and unload the truck for you!

All the convenience, none of the fuss. LCS repair technicians keep all our rental equipment clean, safe and ready to use, keeping your time on the jobsite focused and productive. Renting protects profit margins by reducing transportation and storage costs and avoiding depreciation.

Satisfaction guaranteed. With LCS, if plans change or you just don’t like how it works, returning or exchanging your rental equipment is fast and easy. You can trust our staff to help you determine the best equipment for any job without trying to upsell you.

Renting construction equipment from LCS gives you more flexibility as a contractor so you can earn more money from a wider range of jobs, even last-minute, short-term or low-budget projects.

Wisconsin Equipment Rental with Low Prices & High Standards

Whether you want to buy or rent construction equipment, Lincoln Contractor Supply guarantees you’ll find Wisconsin’s best options and service at our nine store locations.

We proudly serve contractors and handymen in North and South Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Madison, Wausau, Appleton, Oshkosh, Eau Claire and the surrounding areas.

Contact LCS now to reserve your rental equipment and we’ll have it ready for pickup or delivered to your jobsite!

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