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Used Heavy Duty Construction & Landscaping Equipment in Wisconsin

Used Construction Equipment for Sale in WIThe best supplier of used construction equipment provides contractors with a range of products and tools they can’t work without. LCS makes it easy for you to streamline your hunt so the extra hours you have today can be better spent. Ditch the endless internet search for quality used equipment and get back to your construction site with the help of Lincoln Contractors Supply!

10 Used Construction Sales Locations From Milwaukee to Green Bay

Affordable construction equipment doesn't need to be low-quality or hard to find. Nine Lincoln Contractor Supply locations from Milwaukee to Green Bay to Eau Claire ensures you never have to look too far for affordable used construction equipment in Wisconsin.

  • South Milwaukee
    M - F: 6:30a - 5:30p | Sa: 6:30a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Milwaukee
  • North Milwaukee
    M - F: 7:00a- 5:00p | Sa: 6:30a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs North Milwaukee
  • Waukesha
    M - F: 6:30a- 5:30p | Sa: 6:30a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Waukesha
  • Racine
    M - F: 6:30a- 5:30p | Sa: 6:30a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Racine
  • Madison
    M - F: 7:00a- 5:00p | Sa: 7:00a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Madison
  • Wausau
    M - F: 7:00a- 5:00p | Sa: 7:00a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Wausau
  • Appleton (Just South of Green Bay)
    M - F: 7:00a- 5:00p | Sa: 7:00a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Appleton
  • Oshkosh
    M - F: 7:00a- 5:00p | Sa: 7:00a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Oshkosh
  • Eau Claire
    M - F: 7:00a- 5:00p | Sa: 7:00a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Eau Claire
  • Green Bay
    M - F: 7:00a- 5:00p | Sa: 7:00a - Noon
    Contruction Equipment Repairs Green Bay


Concrete Products

LCS supplies you with a huge variety of used concrete laying and finishing equipment. Rent concrete tools like brick trowels, concrete boots, groovers, knee boards, screed, paving tools, wheelbarrows and much more. Shop online for great deals on used concrete tools.

Concrete Mixers

Rent concrete mixers from one of our ten locations or compare used concrete mixers online.

Concrete Saws

Compare used concrete saws or visit one of our ten locations to rent a concrete saw for your next project. LCS carries concrete chainsaws, ring saws, road saws, tile saws, masonry saws and hand held saws.

Concrete Vibrators

Shop used concrete vibrators or rent a concrete vibrator at one of our ten locations. We carry used gas and electric internal and hi-cycle concrete vibrators.

Power Screeds

Rent a power screed from LCS or buy a used power screed for your business. LCS carries used gas, laser and standard truss screeds, including:

  • Riding Trowels
  • Walk Behind Power Trowels

Earth Augers

Buy a used earth auger with an 8HP Honda engine from LCS. Visit one of our ten locations to rent an earth auger for your next project.

Used Backhoe for Sale

The loader strength of our used backhoes is impressive and even more so when you save money on the machinery you need. Start moving earth without breaking the bank and place your order with LCS! This equipment is used for a number of tasks, including:

  • Landscaping
  • Paving Roads
  • Demolitions
  • Material Transportation
  • Excavation

Used Excavators

Capable of doing the work of 20 men, excavators are powerful machines and speed up every construction site they’re on. Without one, it’s easy to fall behind. Stay on schedule by calling us today to see if we have the excavator you’re looking for, such as:

  • Long Reach Excavators
  • Dragline Excavators
  • Suction Excavators
  • Crawler Excavators

Mini Excavator for Sale

Not every job requires the biggest used construction equipment available. A mini excavator, also known as a compact excavator, is perfect for simpler digging and demolition tasks, including:

  • Removing Tree Stumps
  • Plowing Snow
  • Digging Trenches
  • Repairing Sewage Lines
  • Flattening Down Landscapes
  • Irrigation Digging

Used Industrial & Specialty Tools for Sale

Used Air Compressors

We’ve got used diesel & gas portable, towable, and stationary air compressors for sale. Call us for availability of used air compressors and parts. Rent air compressors from LCS and save money on your next project.

  • Portable – Gas Belt-Driven, Direct Drive, Single Stage, 2-Stage, Oil-less and electric
  • Towable – Variable CFM/PSI
  • Stationary – 2-State 5HP

Hand Tools

Bolt cutters, calculators, hammers, crimping, chisels, hand saws, knives, picks, pry bars, screw drivers, vise grips, wrenches, and much more.

Power Tools

Buy used power tools from LCS. We carry used breakers, drills, grinders, rebar trying tool, saws, SDS hammer drills, spline hammer drills, vacuums, and more. Only need it for one project? Rent power tools in Wisconsin from LCS!

Fall Safety Equipment

The used fall protection equipment we have for sale meets OSHA and ANSI standards. Order your personal fall arrest system today!

Used Heavy Moving & Lifting Equipment

Failure to keep up on equipment repairs and finding tool replacements leads to lost profit and unhappy clients. Procrastination isn’t always the product of negligence, however, since it can be difficult to find within your budget in a reasonable amount of time. Lincoln Contractors Supply changes the game. Skip losing hours on the internet and find the used machinery you need today!

Used Backhoes

LCS only sells used backhoes still capable of keeping up with your projects’ demand! Choose strength and savings with Lincoln Contractors Supply.


Call us today to let us know what type of used loader you’re in the market for.


Used utility trailers from 1995 all the way up to 2006 are for sale at Lincoln Contractors Supply.

Used Equipment from the Largest Industry Brands


Used CAT certified construction equipment covers a range of useful machinery and products. Contact LCS today for more information.


Used 18 Volt, hammer drills, power tool accessories and carbide saw blades from Makita. Also find used Makita corded impacts, grinders, breakers, screw guns, drills, saws and sanders and routers for sale!


From used excavators to used excavator buckets, Hitachi products are some of the most reliable and in-demand on the market. Call Lincoln Contractors Supply to let us know what you’re looking for. 

Stop by one of our ten locations for inexpensive quality used construction equipment!

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Lincoln Contractors Supply proudly serves contractors and do-it-yourselfers across Wisconsin at ten different locations. Our staff is committed to offering exceptional customer service at competitive rates. Don't take our word for it, check out some of our reviews!

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